Joy! That is the word I would use to describe the entire vibe of this wedding. Every couple is happy to get married, but Linda and Conner were next level, pure and contagious joy! And nothing was about to change that. There were a few things that happened that might have made other couples panic, but not these two. Linda and Conner not only kept their cool, but they kept the biggest smiles on their faces throughout the entire day.

The first challenge came as the bride was adding the last details to her bridal look. We were about to head out for first look photos when Linda realized she had forgotten a veil accessory for her dress at home. Quickly, she phoned her mother hoping they had not already gotten on the shuttle that was to bring them to the winery. Luckily, the mother was just about to board the bus when the call was made so she was able to run inside and grab the veil. But just as she hung up the phone, Linda had another realization that the marriage certificate was still at home as well. So another frantic call was made and Mom was able to save the day. Knowing that both items were on their way to the venue with all their guests, the bride breathed a sigh of relief and we went to meet Conner for first look photos and private vows.

Private vows is a trend that is building popularity and I am so glad it is. After the sweetest first looks, Conner and Linda took some time to say a few words of love and devotion to each other. When this happens, I like to keep my distance and keep this moment as private as possible for the bride and groom. I use my zoom to capture close ups of the emotion shared between them but am not able to hear what they are saying to each other. This means they are focused on each other and I am less of a distraction for them. The location I chose for this part of the day is on the side of the winery. The rock wall with overgrown ivy gives a romantic, fairy tale vibe. When I first saw Linda in her light lavender, floral dress, I knew I had to find a place for her that was fit for a princess!

We had a little time before the shuttle of guests arrived, so I was able to take a few photos of the couple before we hid them away. However, that's when the rain decided to show up. After a decade of photographing weddings I have mastered the art of being prepared, so I happily handed out the new umbrellas I had just bought. Armed with umbrellas to keep them dry, and branded See Ya Later blankets to keep them warm, the guests made their way to the ceremony site and found their seats. Shortly after, the bride was gliding down the aisle like a dream. Heather Byer preformed a beautiful, short and sweet ceremony and soon the happy couple were officially married and celebrating with family and friends along with some bubbly.

Usually for these micro wedding packages at See Ya Later Ranch, my part of the day is over after the family portraits and couple photos. However, Linda and Conner decided to hire me for a few more hours to capture their reception memories as well. Although it was a more casual reception, there were a few speeches and lots of laughter! After a delicious dinner, it was time to cut the amazing wedding cake. It looked like a fancy toasted marshmallow, which totally made sense when

i found out that the flavour was inspired by the couples favourite dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie! The cake was surrounded by mini cupcakes, including gluten free chocolate ones, which I happily nibbled on. It was so good!!!

Before I left for the day, the rain cleared once again, so I decided to take a few more photos of the couple in between the vines. Often at this time of year, the vines are really small and do not look super great for wedding photos, however, the rain really made the greens in the leaves and the hills in the background pop. So I placed them in the vineyard and snapped a few more photos. This also gave me a chance to highlight the breathtaking veil attachment that the bride had added to her dress before the ceremony. The one that had almost been left behind. I am glad we took the time to do this because they ended up being my favourite images of the day!

The Wedding Team

Venue: See Ya Later Ranch

Officiant: Heather Byer

Hair: Hair Design by Anna

Florals: The Enchanted Florist

Makeup: Katheryn Ramsay