Jacqueline and Bowen are from the same small town, but didn't really know each other while they were growing up. Jacqueline moved to Lillooet after school and it was in this town when they were reacquainted with each other. While Bowen was visiting, he grew to like the area and found a house there that he fell in love with. Then he met Jacquline and fell for her as well. Shortly after his visit, he bought the house, moved to Lillooet and started dating Jacquline. He started a new life in a new town and as time went on, they started a family with the arrival of their daughter Peyton.

Bowen proposed to Jacqueline during a boat ride, one of their favourite activities, while they were listening to one of their favourite love songs. As Randy Travis was singing "I'm Gonna Love You Forever, Amen", Jacquline turned away to get something from the boat, and when she turned back around, Bowen was on one knee with a ring in his hand. With joy in her heart and music in the air, she said "yes" and sealed their engagement with a kiss!

Some dream weddings are large and elaborate but for these two, their dream wedding was simple and intimate with only the closest friends and family surrounding them. That's why they chose See Ya Later Ranch Winery as their wedding venue. The winery offers small wedding packages which suited this couple just fine.

May 18th came quickly, and honestly, it seemed like the day was trying its best to bring some drama to the wedding. Smoke from fires in Alberta was hanging low in the valley that morning, threatening to obscure the views from the mountain winery. However, as the day went on, the smoke lifted, only to be replaced by wind and dark clouds and when I showed up to the venue, the rain began. From the ceremony site, we could look across the valley and watched as a storm crept ever closer to us. However, the worst of it passed us by leaving us with just a spattering of rain.

Luckily for us, the rain stopped just as the ceremony started. Sweet vows were said, rings were exchanged and through it all, little Peyton stayed by her mother's side. It was a beautiful sight to behold. A bride and groom joining hands, with their daughter beside them and another one on the way, uniting forever in love. And so began the next chapter in this family's life. Congratulations Jacqueline and Bowen!


Venue: See Ya Later Ranch Winery

Hair and Makeup: Peaches and Creme Studio