Traditional Wedding With Non-Traditional Twists

I grew up in a small town and the weddings I remember from my youth were very traditional. You know the ones I'm talking about. A young couple decides to get married so the parents on either side split the planning and expense of the day. They invite most of the town, make way too much food, and the day is filled with a lot of catching up with relatives and friends. While these weddings are a lot of fun, some couples may feel like they have lost control of the planning process when decisions are made for them such as what to eat and who to invite. Well, Cindy and Kyles wedding reminded me a lot of the traditional weddings from my past, but they did make this wedding their own by adding many non-traditional elements throughout the day. And honestly, I think they are a great example to other couples who are planning similar weddings.

The day started in Cindy's family home where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the day. While their makeup artist was at the house, the ladies had their hair done at a salon in town. When I arrived I found a kitchen filled with food which I assumed was for the reception later in the day. But I was wrong. These multiple trays of delicious fruit, homemade pastries, veggies and meats were meant to be everyones breakfast. Everyone happily grazed on this feast while getting primped and pampered. Throughout the morning, different family members stopped by to offer congratulations to the bride. The house was a buzz with activity and excited energy. Even the dog, who was wearing a matching tutu, couldn't help but get excited. And this was the first time I noticed the dynamic between traditional and traditional weddings.

Traditional - Getting ready at your home or your parents home.

Non-Traditional - Getting professionals to do your hair and makeup.

When the time came, everyone headed to the ceremony site that was located outdoors at a local community hall. A large flower filled archway stood under a much larger tree and it was here that the "I Do's" would take place. The groom hadn't seen the bride yet and when he turned around to watch her walk down the aisle, his face beamed with the biggest smile! The vows were handwritten by the couple which made them personal and unique as it reflected their own love story. And just like most wedding ceremonies, there was a ring exchange, a first kiss and declarations of love. But two things happened here that I did not expect and I have rarely seen before. First, the couple dedicated a portion of their ceremony to acknowledge their mothers by giving them each a flower and a hug. Secondly, the signing of the registry happened after the ceremony was over. After Cindy and Kyle were declared husband and wife, they walked back up the aisle and continued on to a separate location with their officiant to sign documents. I LOVE this idea because it gave them a few minutes to be alone without everyone surrounding them right after they were married. I think it made this part of the wedding day more special because it was intimate. It also gave their families time to head over to the area designated for photos. Once again, there was a great blend of traditional and non-traditional elements.

Traditional - Waiting to see the bride at the ceremony, ring exchange, first kiss.

Non-Traditional - Flower exchange with Mothers, Private Signing of Registry.

The photo portion of the day was a whirlwind I must admit. Because the couple had multiple locations in mind to take photos, we had to get in and out of vehicles quickly and then head off to the next spot. There was a bit of a time crunch but we made up for it in the end. The last spot we stopped at was Road 13 Winery where a surprise waited for the Bridal Party. Cindy and Kyle had arranged a wine tasting for their bridesmaids and groomsmen while they were off taking photos. It was a wonderful use of time and a beautiful way to say thank you to their friends who were standing with them on their special day. This group of people was a joy to photograph because they had fun ideas for different poses but took direction well when taking more formal photos.

Traditional - Formal and Posed Photos

Non-Traditional - Winetasting, Unique photo ideas, Multiple locations

Once we were back at the Hall, the reception began and the couple were welcomed with all their guests waving their blue napkins in the air like flags. After their big entrance, their was some time before dinner was served so the couple had planned a surprise for their guests. They had a floating bar. Now this is not a bar that floats in mid air or hangs from the ceiling. This is a trolly filled with shots and drinks that the couple wheels to each table in order to have a celebratory drink with each of their guests. This was a first for me to witness and such a cool idea to make sure you visit each table at your reception. After the couple returned to their head table, an amazing dinner was served by the caterers and emotional heartfelt speeches were given to the couple. When it came time for dessert, once again the families outdid themselves with two long tables full of a variety of yummy things. Pies, cakes, squares, tarts and fruit trays tempted the guests. In the centre of the room was an elaborately decorated table, adorned by the ceremony arch, which held sparkling wine and the beautiful wedding cake. This cake was designed and made by one of the bridesmaids and was a surprise for Cindy and Kyle. When it was ready to be cut, the lights dimmed and all of their guests lined up on either side of the couple, waving glow sticks in the air. They formed a glowing tunnel from the head table to the cake table and as the couple made their way to their cake, their guests showered them with light, love and confetti. I have never seen something like this before, but it is now a new favourite memory of mine and I think it should become a new trend! The rest of the night continued as most weddings do. Dancing, laughter, joy and love swirled around the the venue and into the night.

Traditional - Speeches, Cake Cutting, Dance, Big Meal.

Non-Traditional - Floating Bar, Glow Stick Tunnel.

Cindy and Kyle are blessed to have so many friends and family who wanted to share their special day with them, and who wanted to help the couple on their big day in whichever ways they could. It's a beautiful thing to witness. But it was also nice to see all the ways Cindy and Kyle made this day their own. I believe they had a wonderful balance between past and present. Let their wedding day be an example of how to blend traditions and trends to make for one epic wedding day!

The Wedding Team

Event Planner: Paradox Events

Make Up: Purple Diamond Studio

Flowers: Gems and Stems

Cake: Auntie Em Bakes

Officiant: Judi Ritcey